Diabolik slot review: all features and opinions

Diabolik slot review: all features and opinions

By 888 Gaming

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About Diabolik Video Slot


In this Diabolik slot review we want to tell you about one of the most interesting roller machines from Random Logic, a software development company owned by the 888 Group. This five-reel, 30-payline game will catapult you into the electrifying world of the most famous gang of thieves in the comic book and let win you over with countless games. We recommend that you read on, because the following information will allow you to understand if this machine can adapt to your prerogatives and needs as a player.

We thought that the topics of a technical and stylistic nature – such as gameplay, betting limits and payout of the symbols on the reels – were the most important for you readers, so the information relating to them will be central to this page. To all this we have added a summary evaluation of the mobile product developed by the gaming house for mobile devices and above all a demo game that will allow you to observe the behaviour of this game and the reaction to different strategies. It's a film that will come in very handy and is worth the price of this Diabolik slot review alone!

Play Diabolik slots for free

Before we start looking at this product, we want to give you a basic tip: start playing the for fun version of the slot before you consider switching to real money. You can easily find a convenient for fun variant of this product right on 888casino's website. The reason for this suggestion is easy to explain: by playing in fun mode you'll find out whether or not the item you're struggling with is right for you, and you'll be able to get to grips with the symbols and main gameplay functions without having to dip into your savings. Take advantage of it: play Diabolik slot for free on Random Logic's symbol bookie platform!

If you enjoyed this game in trial mode and you think you are ready to face Diabolik slot with real money, then we suggest you to sign up on 888casino, portal that holds the exclusivity on this machine as it is made by Random Logic on which you have already been able to test the free demo. On its platform you can play using the excellent welcome bonus that you will receive after completing the registration process at the site: the best way to start your casino experience.

Important aspects of Diabolik slot

Now we want to tell you about the specific features of Diabolik slot, starting with one of the topics of interest for most of you readers: we are talking, of course, about the gameplay. The game scheme is a classic 5×30, that is five reels for 30 paylines, on which you will see the main symbols, among which Diabolik and his partner Eva Kant stand out. These are flanked by the weapons used by the duo for their hits and standard machine figures such as the letters and the 10. The game starts with setting your bet, which cannot be less than €0.10 and cannot exceed €200. Bonus and Scatter symbols are present, which in the right combination will give rise to the additional features of the bonus game and free spins.

Symbols and payout: all information

The main topic in this section of the page will be the payout of each of the symbols provided by this machine, that is, how much you can win each figure that you will see alternating from time to time on the reels. We will start with the conventional symbols, which are 10 in total: the first four represent some of the weapons used by Diabolik and Eva to carry out their robberies and are the ones with the best payout, bestowing from 500 to 2,500 credits of maximum winnings.

Slightly less lucrative is the fifth symbol, depicting a clock, as the maximum payout for this figure is 300 coins. This is followed by the letters A, K, Q and J and the number 10, which are among the symbols common to most online slots. The special figures, namely the Scatter, Bonus and Wild, don't pay anything per se, but they are essential to the extra features, which we'll go over in more detail in the next section.

Pick Me, Wild x2, bonus game and free spin: the slot extras

As promised, we will now turn our attention to the extras offered by this 888Holdings Random Logic virtual slot machine. The extra features presented are many and varied, but they all have in common the fact that through them you can greatly increase your winnings. We want to start by telling you about the one called “Pick Me”, which is completely exclusive to this title. This is activated when the Wild symbol appears simultaneously on the first and fifth reel. Within this feature you will have to choose one of the symbols displayed to reveal the prizes, which in addition to being pecuniary can provide the continuation of the game.

The second feature you'll find is “Wild x2”, which consists of extending the Wild symbol when it appears on the third reel. When this feature is active the winnings are doubled only in case the expanded Wild is within a winning combination. Moving on we find the bonus game, which will take place after finding three Eva Kant icons in any position on the reels. This special game can award you additional line wins, provided you know how to implement the right strategy! Last but not least we find the free spins, which are among the most common extras offered by the best slots available on the market and are triggered by at least three Scatter symbols in any position on the reels.

Can I play from my smartphone?

Diabolik slot belongs to Random Logic's line of products optimised for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Owners of iOS and Android devices will be able to enjoy this machine even when they don't have their own personal computer, so they'll never miss a lucky spin! We tested this game on iPhone and we really appreciated the work done by this development house with this article: the graphical interface is identical to that of the desktop counterpart, although with some shrewdness dictated by the small size of the screens of pocket devices. The same can be said about the gameplay, which has remained almost unchanged and runs absolutely fluidly.


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Conclusion: one of Random Logic's most successful games

In this final section of this Diabolik slot review we want to take a snapshot of this Random Logic slot machine, comparing its main strengths and weaknesses. It is from the former that we want to start, since the pros are undoubtedly greater than the cons: first of all we want to praise the theme of this game and the various additional features present, which in addition to being interesting also offer excellent winning possibilities. Further reasons to choose this slot game are the wide betting range, suitable for both beginners and experienced players, and the availability on mobile.

We will now move on to an analysis of the weaknesses, which are fortunately few and far between. The only two flaws that we have been able to detect are the absence of a progressive jackpot and a rather poor audio component, on which we think developers could do better. The first of these two shortcomings is undoubtedly the one that could lead some of you to turn to other games, which is why we have suggested three alternative products that might pique your interest. In closing, we repeat our invitation to all players to try this machine and to discover the excellent payouts of the Diabolik slot!