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Are you casino fan? Do you like one particular casino or you try to check out as more as possible online casinos? Online Casino Software like Playtech, Microgaming, Rival, RTG, etc. Here you'll find the best online casino software providers with exclusive bonus offers and promotions.
We'd like to make it easier for you. There not so many different casinos as it seems to be. Because there are a lot of different casino software providers, such as Playtech, Microgaming, Rival, real gaming, etc. - but still it is not so much as online casinos. And if you know one of them, you know all games available in others casinos, which use the same software.

Casino software developer at a glance

In contrast to the thousands of different online casinos on the Internet are only a few casino software companies that have prevailed in the market and the many casinos operating on one of these software products. Therefore be found in a Playtech casino games the same as in any other casino that uses Playtech software. It uses the same even at Playtech Jackpots in the different casinos. For example, you can hit the high Gold Rally jackpot Playtech Casinos (up to $ 2 million!) in any Playtech Casino.

On this page are presented all the casino software manufacturers and listed their advantages and disadvantages.


Microgaming casinos are one of the most popular casinos in the gaming community. Over 300 different games are packed into this casino software and have since also the player who for years played in online casinos always something new to see.
The most famous casino game is Microgaming has released the "Tomb Raider" game machine out there specifically for all Laura Craft fans there. Here more Microgaming Casinos

Playtech Casinos

Playtech software is the largest software house in the casino market. Playtech has released in late 2005 a new improved version of their software offers several new features. You have the opportunity to have several windows open at once and thus may be more than a game played simultaneously. Furthermore, it is making some new bonus games that a lot of fun. As mentioned above, has the same Playtech Jackpots in all its online casinos and a total sum of over 2 million €.
More here on Playtech Casinos

Other popular and good casino software providers:

  1. Netent Casino List
  2. Gryptologic Casinos
  3. Real Time Gaming (RTG) Casinos
  4. Rival Casinos

Downloading Online Casino Software

The online casino software is the perfect demonstration of the real-life casino that you would like to visit in Las Vegas. The same benefits are provided by the online casinos to their members that are enjoying while playing at the mortar and brick casinos. Online casinos assure you of satisfaction. However, the foremost thing to be done is downloading online casino software.

Pros and cons of online software downloading

You must first download the casino software on your hard disk that will later establish the connection with the online casino to enable the online gambling. The greatest advantage of downloading the software is that you can maximise you playing time online and it requires just one time downloading onto your hard disk. Downloading, however, takes a long time and requires a significant space on your hard drive. Hence, you need to ensure that you have sufficient hard disk space thus increasing the potentiality of the software. It is also necessary to have MS Windows OS to play online casinos.

Steps to download the software

It is not a complicated task for downloading Online Casino Software. By understanding the downloading process, you can derive a rich gambling experience filled with pleasure.
It is straightforward to download the casino software and can be done in a few clicks. Just click the ‘download’ button, enter through the ‘security warning’, pause for few moments and you are ready to play.

The step by step process of installing the software:

  1. First look for the download button. It is located on the website’s homepage.
  2. On clicking, you would find pop-up window asking you to either save or open the file. Just click on the save button, and the file is stored. Save it in a default location that is located on the desktop. On clicking the file, the downloading process starts and takes some minutes for it to complete. You will find a status bar on the screen. On completion, click on ‘run’ or ‘close’.

Downloading of the software takes time and varies depending on the speed of the internet connection and the file size. But it would take only several minutes for it to download completely. Once done, you can start playing the casino game online and derive pleasure from it.

How to Choose Online Casino Software

The most important thing before the starting online casino game business, it is essential to choose the best online casino software for your website. Many software developers provide with turnkey solutions for all the online poker and casinos sites.
Today’s online casino software is determined by multi-player options, scalability, cutting-edge Java technologies and realistic graphics. The software also provides you with the required comprehensive statistics on all the withdrawals, deposits, transactions including the losers and winners or the lowest and highest bids. You can also avail real-time control on the online poker or casino room progress. The software developers also organise the individual training courses to your employees on software operation.
The following points are to be considered before deciding on the purchase of particular software, to avoid failures and losses in the future.

  • Ensure that you engage reputed software provided with sufficient experience, knowledge and expertise in the particular domain.
  • Ensure that software hosting is reliable, fast with sufficient memory, in a case of multiple-user simultaneously requests.
  • Ensure the reliability and security of the billing system.
  • List the number of software companies that are unreliable and have a terrible reputation and avoid them.
  • Ensure the secure navigation facilities on your casino site, with a layout that is eye-catching, making the players get a feeling of the real casino.
  • Ensure that you purchase the software with multiple casino games and gaming options.
  • Ensure you have a system, which corresponds to the software provider’s requirements.
  • Ensure that there is no hassle or failure in withdrawing or depositing the money.

Gambling does guarantee a 100% fixed returns on your valuable investment. However, the success mostly is said to depend on the kind of software you use. So get the best software without thinking of the amount of it.
If you would like to know how to download mobile casino games, keep reading.

Casino Software Download

Playing Casino is like an addiction. And when the same feel is available at home, it is nothing like that. Ideal software makes you feel like real life casino. It is always observed that almost every online casino provides you with the same kind of benefit and feel, like when you play them in real. However, it is also essential to download the software first. Because to play the game you will need the software.
Let us now have a close view on the various aspects of the Casino Software. Before that, all should need to know, that the downloaded software needs to get installed on the hard drive. And, then the software will bridge the gap between your computer and the casino. But how vital is Casino Software Download? Well, this is important. This is because it is only the software, which will enable you to play more time online. What else? It is secured, and can easily be uninstalled if you find any technical hitches.
Below is one of the best casino software to download:
BigTPoker.Com, an in-depth online poker guide to learn how to online poker play and providing latest Online Poker Tournaments updates of world’s top 10 online poker rooms for most popular poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, seven card poker, stud poker, etc.
However, it is also observed that there has been an absolute disadvantage, of Casino Software Download. Well, I do not call them a problem, but will surely claim them to be a minor difficulty. The first thing that is needed is the download time; now it is evident that when you are downloading any software, you are sure to give some time for download. The time of download is again dependent on the internet speed or bandwidth. Is it okay, then your download will be faster. Therefore, it is also important to keep in mind the speed of your internet connection. And, the most critical factor is the compatibility of the software. Most of the software is supported by Microsoft Windows; hence you need to install that first as your operating platform.
Now the most important question, what are the different steps for Casino Software Download? Well, just to start up with the process, let me inform you that, there are few basic steps to be followed, while you go for the Casino Software Download. The first thing you need to do is to search for a Casino Software. Then the following step will be, checking the privacy policy and system requirements, like RAM and video graphics card. You must test the compatibility factor. Then, you may now go to your Casino Software Download. After you download, you need to install the same software, and you are ready to play Casino Online. The good thing is that you can even play the casino games while your system is not connected to the internet. Yes, there is many casino software which can also provide you with the same entertainment in the offline mode.

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